Benzo Abuse Withdrawal

Benzo Abuse Withdrawal

Benzo abuse is a situation where one feels one cannot live without taking this drug, and this can develop into addiction. When users try to quit Benzos, the withdrawal effects can be felt in various ways. Addicts tend to feel sleepy when stop taking Benzos. All they want is to rest and sleep. In other instances, people will suffer from insomnia.

Insomnia prompts users to take the medicine to induce sleep. This can be dangerous. It can result in developing reliance on these drugs. When the dosage fails to work, they may increase the dosage. This creates a vicious cycle. In the end, the side effects may overwhelm the user, resulting in undesirable mental and physical effects on their health. This drug affects every part of the body; hence the withdrawal symptoms will affect the whole body as well.

With time, the addict may become filled with anxiety. They may experience fears that cannot be explained, along with unusual restlessness. These individuals may not be able to relax or concentrate, even during ordinary activities such as conversation. They may say things that are out of context and show signs of tension. If the situation becomes severe, convulsions can be witnessed. The patient may fall and experience a seizure. Anyone undergoing these side effects must have immediate medical attention.

Benzo Abuse Withdrawal

Benzo abuse affects the nervous system. This category of medications must be used with care as they are capable of disrupting the ordinary function of the body. Depending on the dosage, the effect of the drug can be intense or light. If one uses these drugs on a daily basis for up to a year, the chance is greater that addiction has developed. Users can decide to stop taking benzos without prior guidance from a doctor.

This drug helps patients to feel normal. They may suffer from lack of self-confidence and poor self-control. This can push them to continue using this drug. Unfortunately, a remarkable percentage of these patients use these drugs together with alcohol. They may also be addicted to both substances, and this situation can be tough to control.

When the patient stops using these drugs, it can be hard for them to relax. They may have the urge to use the drug to regain a carefree feeling. However, this feeling is only temporary, and this prompts the individual to keep on using this drug over and over. This is a very unhealthy cycle of behavior. Users need to assert self-control to overcome addiction, but given that the withdrawal symptoms dull their reasoning ability, it can be a very complex process. It is highly advisable that users struggling with addiction approach a physician or treatment center 800-303-2482.

To avoid severe benzo withdrawal symptoms, users should not stop using the drug abruptly. Sudden cessation of use can be detrimental to a user’s health, potentially resulting in seizures. Counseling and appropriate medical treatment will help the individual to overcome addiction, recognize their self-worth and start celebrating life again.