Benzo Abuse Symptoms

Benzo Abuse Symptoms

Benzo abuse symptoms are easy to identify. Even though a Benzo abuser might deny using this product, there are some obvious symptoms that are unmistakable. For example, those abusing Benzos may complain of sickly feelings, a sensation of being dazed or feelings of weakness. They may exhibit a lack of coordination and have a tendency to be clumsy or trip and fall.

The symptoms of Benzo abuse can have particularly devastating effects in the elderly. If an elderly person is exhibiting signs of drug abuse, they are advised to seek prompt medical attention. Most symptoms will go away once the drug residues are cleared out of the user’s bloodstream.

Benzo Abuse Symptoms

Elderly patients may easily develop forgetfulness when using this drug. They may also fail to recognize the people around them. They may have to keep on asking something simple over and over and this can make an elderly user appear irrational. They may do things that are not in line with what is normally expected. This is referred to as lack of cognitive ability. The best solution to this may be having them admitted to a hospital for several days where doctors will be able to closely monitor the patient and ensure that they are completely free from the drugs. With time, the person’s behavior will resume normalcy.

A Benzo abuser may complain of pain and describe their muscles as feeling tender. Due to increased blood pressure, the person can also feel dizzy. Benzo abuse can result in a high blood pressure related problem, which requires a doctor’s attention immediately. Chest pains are very common. This can be due to increased pressure on the chest as the blood pressure increases. However, some pains are just a result of muscular aches and this is unlikely to be serious.

A Benzo abuser may feel like they are getting a cold. These patients are feverish and they may experience a running nose. This is usually not a cold, but a symptom of benzo addiction. The ears may feel blocked or seem to ring. This is sometimes confused with a cold discomfort.

Some abusers of Benzos do not want to be touched. They become very sensitive and they can react in an odd way even to the slightest touch. The skin becomes sensitive and patients may also become sensitive to smell. They may complain that a familiar perfume is too strong. Benzo abuse distorts the reasoning ability.

Abusers may be subject to experiencing continuous headaches. This can be disturbing as they rarely sleep. They may have dull looking eyes, despite not exhibiting other signs of fatigue. However, others feel sleepy. These people may avoid noisy places or even complain that voices are too loud. They may sense that everything around them is moving. If you suspect that you or someone you know has developed symptoms of Benzo abuse, it is advisable to seek medical attention as soon as possible 800-303-2482.