Benzo Abuse Signs

Benzo Abuse Signs

Benzo Abuse signs develop when a user feels they cannot do without this drug. The dependency may have developed to an extent that if this individual fails to take it, they experience a notable degree of restlessness and other discomforts. This is similar to the experience of users who are dependent on alcohol. Benzo abuse can be very dangerous, especially if the person has used the drug for a very long time. They may become short-tempered, anxious, unable to reason properly and in extreme cases, experience seizure and a loss of coordination.

Lack of sleep is another sign of Benzo abuse. An addict can sometimes go for many hours without sleeping. The individual may seem mentally disturbed in some instances, and this can be mistaken for other conditions such schizophrenia.

Benzo Abuse Signs

Benzo Abuse and Addiction Signs

Benzo abuse can provoke feelings of restlessness. This occurs when a user does not use the drug at a regular interval. Some users may exhibit aggression and violence. The individual becomes irrational and exhibits extreme behavior. Some users have also reported panic attacks. An affected user may speak incoherently and behave as if there is an external pressure that is causing the distress. Experience of inexplicable fear is another sign of Benzo abuse. Some individuals will avoid contact with people and remain indoors.

Some abusers of Benzos may develop an obsession with their health and continually question their well-being. They may exhibit signs of guilt about having become addicted to Benzos. When they suffer a minor injury, they can display exaggerated concern about the injured part of their body. This can make Benzo abusers seem unreasonable and difficult. Even after receiving medical attention and being reassured, these people may insist that they are unwell. This behavior may be observed for many months before it finally goes away.

These individuals are often unable to rest, intermittently waking all through the night. When they finally fall asleep, they may be awakened by nightmares. They may describe frightening dreams and refuse to sleep for fear of experiencing these nightmares again. During the day, a previously active and focused person may find themselves unable to sit and work consistently. At some point they may forget what they intended to do and make mistakes in their work.

Benzo abusers may experience symptoms such as dry mouth and dizziness. They may complain of feelings of weakness, of blurry vision, muscle pains and general feeling of being unwell. Some abusers may begin to feel helpless and overwhelmed by these symptoms, and perhaps even contemplate suicide. Anyone experiencing severe signs of Benzo abuse such as these is advised to seek prompt medical attention or to contact a rehabilitation center 800-303-2482 where they can receive professional help to overcome their dependency.