Benzo Abuse Side Effects

Benzo Abuse Side Effects

Benzo Abuse Side Effects have been widely reported. These medications are often prescribed for insomnia, and some users become ‘hooked’ on Benzo use. These medications should not be used as a long-term treatment, and patients must be fully informed about the potential side effects of use.

When someone starts having a problem with a dependency on these drugs, it is advisable that the assistance if a doctor be sought immediately. The longer an addict continues to use these medications, the worse the side effects become and the harder it is to treat the symptoms.

When one is using a prescription for benzo tablets, other drugs should not be used alongside it so make sure you inform your doctor and pharmacist of any other prescription and non-prescription drugs you may be taking at this time. Combinations can make benzo side effects worse, as well as produce some toxic effects on the body. Some patients may be tempted to take alcohol together with Benzos, and this can be very dangerous.

Abuse Side Effects

Benzo Abuse Produces a Number of Side Effects – A user’s speech may become slow and slurred. They may drag themselves about, even though they were previously energetic. Benzo medications can have profound effects on the nervous system. This can happen during the early stages of treatment or if the dosage is increased at some point. The person might feel sleepy suddenly or complain of fatigue. In some cases, users are unable to function normally, concentrate or work.

Patients can become forgetful and fail to do things that they have always done on a daily basis. They may have trouble remembering simple facts, or details of events that have taken place only moments earlier. They lose attention and become engaged in other activities that are out of context. Symptoms such as these can be accompanied by others such as poor sight; users may complain of blurry vision.

Patients can have unstable emotions when Benzo drugs are abused. They may experience mood swings, being happy one moment and intensely sad the next. Some users may behave wildly and in an exaggerated way. This is the same influence that comes with the use of alcohol. Antisocial behavior becomes more conspicuous and they lose inhibitions, perhaps behaving indecently.

These side effects can lead to depression. A user may become antisocial and might feel moody and unappreciated. They may not be capable of meaningful conversation; it becomes hard to talk to such a person who is disoriented and not able to concentrate. In extreme cases, the patient might contemplate the idea of suicide. Emotional instability is to blame for this.

Effects in expectant mothers are dangerous. Benzo abuse can affect the unborn baby and result in problems for both mother and child. Lactating mothers should also avoid taking any kind of benzodiazepine while they are breastfeeding. Doctors are advised to ensure that they establish whether a woman is expectant or not before prescribing any kind of benzodiazepine. This is a drug that has to be administered with extreme care given its potential for adverse side effects.